Our blog is an extension of our brick and mortar shop, which isn’t really just a shop. It’s our way of life.

Our adventuresome crew loves to get out in the big wide world and explore the impact that design has on its different cultures and local communities, while simultaneously digging up some fresh, cultured inspiraton. Through our blog, we plan to take you on the ride! Who doesn’t want an ‘up close and friendly’ of our socially conscious hands-on-the-community design approach?

RELICS Home is a funky home-furnishings shop located in historic downtown Abilene, Texas. Built in the early 20’s, the building that now houses 12,000 square feet of furniture, accessories and gifts was once home to Abilene’s first full service auto body shop and filling station. Now, we’re a full service interior design station!  We bring high design and socially conscious products to West Texas.

We also have a soft spot for making a feel-good impact on our local community and worldly neighbors, alike. So, we like to feature products like jewelry made by women who’ve been rescued from human slavery and the sex trade in Thailand and Ghana, hand-hammered crosses and wall art made from recycled oil drums by the survivors of Haiti, Fair trade scarves from Nepal that are hand woven with wool that comes from Tibetan sheep who get lots of monk love! But it doesn’t stop there; we also really dig furniture made from recycled woods, recovered beauties from secret treasure troves{a.k.a. yard sales and junkin’ ventures} and works by local artists, so there’s plenty of that to go around, too.

Did I mention we have a cantina? Have your morning coffee while reading our musings and if your design tastebuds aren’t satiatated then pop on over to the store and grab a free frozen margarita from our cantina on Saturdays, while you get some hands on action!


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